Where are the robes made?
Our robes are made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

What are the robes made of?
100% Lyocell. Our fabric is derived from renewable wood fibers. It is gentle on the skin and wicks away any moisture, keeping you cool and dry.

What dyes are used in the fabric?
The dyes used to create the rich, yet soft colors you see are reactive dyes. They are currently the best color fastness and environmentally friendly dyes that meet the European and American brand standards.

Why do the robes take up to eight weeks to ship?
All robes are “made-to-order” and are customized to your style selection, color preference and size. Our orders ship out six to eight weeks after your order has been placed because of the specifications listed above. We are working towards providing our customers with a faster turnaround time. This will come in 2020.

Do we have local pick up?
Currently, we do not offer local pick ups in Calgary, AB. However, this is something we are looking to change. We will keep you posted!

**UPDATED: When we offer local pick up in Calgary, AB, we announce it on social media and our website.

What size range do you carry?
We carry a small, medium and large size run.

Small            Dress Size 0 – 2
Medium       Dress Size 4 – 8
Large            Dress Size 10 – 12

When will you carry petite/plus size?
Since we are a new company and based off of our preliminary research, we are offering a standard size run, for the time being. With that being said, please contact us HERE with your inquiries. The more emails we get regarding the expansion of our size offerings, the faster this product/specification will be sent to production. Thank you for your patience and understanding in our time of growth! Our goal is to expand our business and we look forward to hearing from you. 

**UPDATE: New Sizing available 2021!

Can two or more discount codes be stacked (Used at the same time)?
At this time we cannot accommodate stacking discount codes. We do not offer this because our website is not set up for such processes. Please use the best discount code for you.