Whether you want initials, names, “Bride,” “Maid of Honour,” or “Bridesmaid,” we can help you add this special touch to your newly purchased MONOGRAPH robe. In addition to making your purchase even more special, we are offering custom lengths as well. If you're petite, tall or just want a high/low hem, please contact us and we will help you out. 

PLEASE NOTE: Monogramming is not done in-house; it is outsourced. This means you must contact us HERE for any customized features.

By adding any customization to your order, expect your estimated delivery date to extend. Once we have finalized your order specifications, we can give you an ETA for your package. Please give yourself a considerable timeframe when purchasing any customized features.

ADDITIONAL COST: There will be an additional cost for any customized features. This will vary per robe, per order.